My Biggest Failure So Far…

All that aside, check out my keyboard lightmode here if you want to πŸ˜‰

Also, apologies for the weird looking zoom call and some audio being out of sync, it’s because we’re noobs and the grain recording only showed 1 person at a time so we did our best to make it look more natural. Anyway, enjoy! xx

If you’re interested, here’s Hipyo’s video:

By the way, you can watch this video in a few other languages by changing the audio settings xx

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0:00 – Introduction
1:27 – The Context
3:52 – Why Did I Make the Keyboard in the First Place?
7:56 – How Long Did It Actually Take to Make?
10:27 – Why Did I Price It at $159 Dollars?
16:09 – Is This Actually a Good Product?
18:08 – What Was Hipyo’s Biggest Problem?
22:19 – How Much Money Have We Made From It?
22:42 – Lessons Learned
32:18 – Call with Hipyo
35:41 – What is one thing that you’re taking away from this?

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