How to Grow a YouTube Channel From Nothing in 2024

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In this video, I sit down with Izzy Sealey, a YouTuber with 500k subscribers, to talk about her journey on YouTube and what advice she would give to someone just getting started today. There’s so much I wish I’d known when I started YouTube myself, and Izzy captures a lot of that advice in this video, so I think you’ll get value from it. Enjoy!

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0:00 – Introduction
0:48 – Who is Izzy?
1:52 – To what extent has your YouTube channel changed your life?
2:42 – When did YouTube become a full time income?
4:22 – How did you overcome the fear of starting a channel?
6:49 – Why did you join the Part-Time YouTuber Academy?
7:53 – What was your first video to blow up?
12:06 – How much do you treat your channel like a business?
12:57 – Do you struggle with consistency?
20:38 – How did you get over the emotional hurdle of starting?
25:45 – What do you do when filming feels hard?
28:30 – How did you get started with outsourcing and hiring?
33:57 – Would you recommend the Part-Time YouTuber Academy?
35:42 – What are some of the limiting beliefs that you have?

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