The Secret to Getting a 30% Email Open Rate

The secret to getting a 30% email open rate. On average, for every dollar you spend on email marketing you can earn $36 according to Constant Contact. And if you are a top performer, for every dollar you spend, you can earn $70. But here’s the thing, if no one opens up your emails, you’ll never earn $7 or even $36. So let’s fix that by not only helping you get your emails open, but let’s make them better than average.

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Strategy number one, make your emails more conversational. A simple way to do this is try addressing the recipient’s name in the subject line. It makes your emails more personal and causes them to open them. And when doing this, use people’s name instead of their company. Remember, it’s a person opening up that email, not a faceless company. This also helps build a sense of familiarity so that the person feels seen as if your email was a tool for building a relationship.

Strategy number two, subscriber segmentation is one of the most effective email marketing campaign strategies. You might have the best offer out there, but it means nothing if it’s not going to the right person. Target your audience based on location, interest, purchase history, and other major factors.

Strategy number three, avoid spam folders. Getting sent to the spam folder is a death sentence for your email list. Send your campaigns from a good, reputable IP address. The way you do this is twofold. You can either warm up your IP address by slowly sending emails and increasing the volume per day. Most people don’t have that big of a list, so you’re probably going to warm yours up even slower.

Another strategy that I love doing and most people don’t do this, I don’t know why, because everyone’s like I want a dedicated IP with my email address. Well, I like piggybacking on someone else’s IP. A lot of email providers, like Convert Kit, have shared IPs, which is great because you don’t want to warm up your IP address. It’s better for you to leverage other people’s amazing reputation and trust with those email platforms.

Also, make sure all your users have opted in for your emails and avoid excessively salesy language. Include transparent methods for them to also opt out of your emails. So then that way you’re not continually sending people emails who don’t want them.

Strategy number four, give value. This sounds simple, but if your emails offer value, people will open them. If they don’t, they won’t open them. Only when sen emails, keep that in mind. Sure, you may need to sell them on something every once in a while, but offer a ton of value. That way, people look forward to your emails and will want to open them. I know this one sounds obvious, but you’ll be shocked on how many people forget to do it, it’s basic.

Strategy number five, time your emails. I don’t know why people love sending emails in the middle of the night. Every morning when I wake up, I have hundreds of unread emails in my inbox. When I wake up, I see all these unread emails. And what do most people do? They ignore them.

So what a lot of marketers don’t realize is if people have tons of emails over the weekend or at night, they usually ignore many of those emails or just mark them as read due to laziness. Don’t be at the bottom of someone’s email inbox. Be at the top.

Strategy six, write like a friend. I have a question for you. When you get an email from a friend, do you open it? Well, of course you do. If you don’t, you probably missed it by accident or they’re not really your friend. Now, what about an email pitching you on something? Chances are, you’re going to ignore it. If your emails are written as if they’re casual, as if you are writing an email to a friend, it’ll get open more.

Strategy seven, A/B testing. Did you know that according to Smart Insights, 60% of companies use A/B testing to maximize conversions? If you don’t know what works, try multiple methods and you can see what sticks and what’s doing an amazing job in getting your emails open. I love sending out emails with the A/B subject line. In other words, half the group gets one subject line, the other group gets another subject line.

And this gives you insights on what you should do in the future. It’s like getting customer feedback without even making people fill out a survey. Now, follow those tips and you’ll be off and getting 30 plus percent open rates like I do in my agency.

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